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GTTY (glass teletype) is a lightweight terminal emulation program written by Lyle Bickley to serve as a console for PDP-8 machines. The current iteration is an MS-DOS program that seems to run well in DOSBox. Features include automatic upper-casing and automatic switching between 7E1 and 8N1 serial protocols depending on whether the program is functioning as a TTY terminal or a binary PTR (paper tape reader).

gtty.txt includes operation notes and also describes simple hardware modifications to the DEC M8650 and M8655 serial cards to allow gtty to implement reader-run “pacing” for loading FOCAL and multisegment paper tapes.

The accompanying .ZIP file includes documentation, a DOS executable and source. The source was written for (and assembles with) Dave Dunfieid's micro-C compiler,


Vince Slyngstad has since updated GTTY to Version 2.0 which is POSIX compliant and compiles under Linux/Cygwin.


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