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General Notes

Acquired 7/2018.
Powers on with fan, AC pilot light, no display.

Initial Inspection

As received, the machine was in generally good condition, with some scrapes and small cracks in dark brown front panel/keyboard surround. It was missing a threaded fastener for hold-down screw in right front corner (viewed from front).

No ROM blocks were in the plug-in slots; tags inside the ROM compartment door indicate Options 271 (plotter control), 272 (extended i/o), 274 (string variables), and 276 (7094 words read-write memory) were installed. The memory label has been overwritten to indicate 16096 words of Infotek memory.

Main boards (from the front) are HP 09830-66521 ROM Basic I, Infotek 13468 Address Decoder, HP 09830-66583 T Register and one Infotek 13237 16K memory module, populated with 4116 DRAM chips.

Internal ROMs (from the front) are 11271, 11272 and a second 11272. The last two slots hold a 09830-66526 Basic II ROM and a 09830-662525 ROM buffer.



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