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These drives were available in several configurations.
Operating and Service manuals at bitsavers.

RK8E - Three-card OMNIBUS controller for RK05 drives (M1704, M1705, M1706)
RK05J - s/n 02-23337 - Foam and battery replacement
RK05J - s/n WF24746 - Foam replacement
RK05F-AA - s/n WF04686 - Foam, elbow and battery replacement

General Notes:

Head locking bracket hold-down - 5/32“ hex
Fan hold-down bolts - 3/16” hex
Fan foam ring - 1/2 wide x 9/16 thick“
Cartridge nozzle foam - 3/8”
Emergency retraction battery - AA1800mAH NiMH 4.8V

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